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We regularly speak to the media about topics related to technology, human rights and digital literacy.

If you’d like to speak to one of our experts then please write to press@tacticaltech.org or call the office on +49 (30) 417 153 33. It helps if you provide details of the topic or questions you’ll ask, the format of the interview (email, phone, video call, in person), and your timeline.

Recent Highlights

Euronews, Apr. 2019: A year on, Cambridge Analytica still remains topical – even from beyond the grave
NPR, On Point, Feb. 2019: The World Of Campaign Tech: Cellphone And TV Tracking In Politics
Now This, Jan. 2019: How Laptop Stickers Can Get You In Trouble
BBC Click, Radio 4, Jan. 2019: Data Detox for the New Year
Motherboard, Vice, Nov. 2018: Shady Data Brokers Are Selling Online Dating Profiles by the Millions
Teen Vogue, Mar. 2018: How to Delete Facebook Accounts: it’s not as easy as it sounds
Atlantic, Mar. 2018: What Congress Should Ask Mark Zuckerberg
ARD Mittagsmagazin, Mar. 2018: Video: Selbstversuch: Bei Facbook abmelden
London Evening Standard, Mar. 2018: I Hacked My Apps to Find Where my Data was Going and You Should Too
KCRW Radio Berlin, Mar. 2018: Tactical Tech advises keeping a lightweight digital footprint in post-Cambridge Analytica world

Article in German newspaper Die Zeit featuring research by Tactical Tech into Internet of Things Devices.

Featuring Tactical Tech

Deutsche Welle, Mar. 2018: Privacy is not dead, but it’s going to cost you
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Jan. 2018: Five Digital Security Tools to Protect Your Work and Your Sources
Trip Wire, May 2017: Women in Information Security: Sarah Aoun
Al Jazeera, Mar. 2017: Can anyone control what’s published online?
Deutsche Welle, Jan. 2017: Digital Security Resources
Al Jazeera, Nov. 2016: Will China lift its ban on Facebook?
Factory, Nov. 2016: Tactical Tech wants to Help You Track Your Digital Footprint
Plurrify, May 2016: #22: Tactical Tech, Marek Tuszynski [podcast]
SourceCode Berlin / Wikimedia Deutschland, Jan. 2016: Tactical Tech: info-activism, from Berlin to the World [podcast]
Taz, Dec. 2015: Überwachung merkst du nicht (Surveillance is something you don’t notice)
Al Jazeera, Nov. 2015: Rebel Geeks episode 03: The Critical Engineers [video]
The Telegraph, Oct. 2015: How to avoid cyber-attacks
Motherboard Vice, Sept. 2015: Why Security Experts Are Using an Ancient Email Format in 2015
Brigitte, May 2015: Stephanie Hankey helps people to cover their tracks online
La Repubblica, Jan. 2015: Hacker Ribello a Berlino (Hacker Rebellion in Berlin)
Open Democracy, Jun. 2015: Who is the subject of digital rights?
Le Nouvel Observateur, May 2015: Comment Berlin est devenue la capitale des hackers (How Berlin has become the hacker capital)
The Guardian, Nov. 2014: Berlin’s digital exiles: where tech activists go to escape the NSA
Handelsblatt Global, Sept. 2014, Berlin, European Capital of Digital Dissent [pdf]
exBerliner, Sept. 2014, Berlin’s digital rebellion
Radio Web Macba, Sept. 2014, Interview with Marek Tuszynski
Neues Deutchland, Apr. 2014: Technik und Taktik (Technology and tactics)
Cicero Magazin für Politische Kultur, Mar. 2014: Warum Proteste weltweit gären (Why protests are brewing globally)
Huffington Post Germany, Mar. 2014: Die besten Social Entrepreneurs Deutschlands (The best social entrepreneurs in Germany)
Wired UK, Feb. 2014: Berlin Duo Can Help You Cover Your Tracks
Financial Times, Mar. 2012: Arabellion, made in Germany (print only)
Hive, Mar. 2012: Wie Deutsche Netzaktivisten die Arabellion unterstützen (How German online activists suport the Arabellion)
Guardian Tech Podcast, May 2012: The Future of Data Activism

Our Data Our Selves Project

O Globo, Nov. 2018: Perfis de brasileiros em sites de paquera estão à venda na internet (Profiles of Brazilians on flirting sites are for sale on the internet)
Arabic RT, Nov. 2018: حذار من نشر بياناتك الشخصية علىمواقع التعارف! [Beware of publishing your personal data on dating sites]
Le Big Data, Nov. 2018: Tinder : des millions de données intimes vendues par un Data Broker (Tinder: millions of intimate data sold by Data Broker)
Motherboard, Vice, Nov. 2018: Shady Data Brokers Are Selling Online Dating Profiles by the Millions
La Nacion, Oct. 2018:
Brasil, la desinformación por Whatsapp y el futuro de la democracia (Brazil, disinformation by WhatsApp and the future of democracy)
Access Now, Oct. 2018: Your Data Used Against You: Reports of Manipulation on WhatsApp ahead of Brazil’s Election
Open Democracy, Oct. 2018: ¿Y ahora qué? De la innovación política a la resiliencia democrática en América Latina Brasil, la desinformación por Whatsapp y el futuro de la democracia (And now that? From political innovation to democratic resilience in Latin America Brazil, disinformation by WhatsApp and the future of democracy)
The Intercept, Oct. 2018: VÍDEO: Seu número de telefone vale 9 centavos no zap dos políticos (VIDEO: Your phone number is worth 9 cents in the zap of politicians)
GenderIT, Sep. 2018: Datos y citas: la paradoja de la seguridad (Data and Dating: the paradox of security)
#iFreeKe, Aug. 2018: How private data was used during the 2017 Kenyan election
RRC, Jul. 2018: Report | How do the Mexican Political Parties use your data to influence your vote?
El Economista, Jun. 2018: La brecha digital le jugó en contra a los partidos políticos en México (The digital divide played against the political parties in Mexico)
Sontus Datos, Jun. 2018: ¿Cómo utilizan los partidos políticos mexicanos tus datos para influenciar tu voto? (How do Mexican political parties use your data to influence your vote?)
The Conversation, May 2018: Cambridge Analytica’s closure is a pyrrhic victory for data privacy

The Data Detox Kit

BBC Click, Radio 4; Jan. 2019: Data Detox for the New Year
Die Zeit, May 2018: Sicher online unterwegs sein? (Safe to be Online)
KCRW Radio, May 2018: “It’s never too late”: Tactical Tech’s Cade Diehm on detoxing your digital life
London Evening Standard, Mar. 2018: I Hacked My Apps to Find Where my Data was Going and You Should Too
Times of India, Apr 2018: We tried a data detox, and it’s hard work [EN]
El Pais, Feb. 2018: El plan de ocho días que siguen los expertos para que no les vigilen más en internet (The eight-day plan that the experts follow so they do not watch over them on the internet)
Slate, Feb 2017: Cybersecurity Self-Defence: How To Make Your Smartphone More Secure
Vogue, January 2017: Forget About That Cleanse - Do a Data Detox Instead [EN]
Financial Times, January 2017: Give your online personal data a detox [EN]

The Glass Room London, London (2017)

L’ADN, Nov. 2017: Un detox bar pour dédramatiser la data [FR] A detox bar to de-dramatise the data
Alphr, Oct. 2017: The Glass Room: Uncover the secrets of your online life in Mozilla’s new exhibition [EN]
AOL, Oct. 2017: Dystopian pop-up in London looks at future of data tracking [EN]
Al Jazeera News, Oct. 2017: Repeat coverage of The Glass Room London during Al Jazeera’s rolling news broadcast on 27/10/2017
Art Agenda, Oct. 2017: The Glass Room [EN]
Art Licks, Oct. 2017: The Glass Room [EN]
Associated Press, Oct. 2017: Dystopian exhibit reveals how our data is tracked [EN]
BBC Future, Oct. & Nov. 2017: The eight-day guide to a better digital life [EN], Як оздоровити своє онлайн-життя [UA] How to improve your online life & What does the internet know about? Watch now to find out! (BBC Future Facebook Live video) [EN]
BBC Radio 4 - You & Yours, Oct. 2017: Expensive care options, Data detox, Horrible Halloween 26/10/2017 (from 23:02) [EN]
BBC Radio London, Oct. 2017: BBC Radio London with Simon Lederman and Jamie Kelsey Fry 25/10/2017 (from 2:08:20) [EN]
BBC World Service - Tech Tent, Oct. 2017: Facebook Scares Publishers & Tech Tent: Media panic at Facebook news experiment [EN]
Breathe Publication, Nov. 2017: Looking Through The Glass Room - Examining our privacy in a digital landscape [EN]
Campaign, Oct. 2017: Mozilla encourages people to ‘reduce digital footprint’ with pop-up [EN]
Channel 4 News, Oct. 2017: The darker side of data privacy video [EN]

Interview for Channel 4 at The Glass Room London.

cnBeta, Nov. 2017: The Glass Room伦敦展把网络监控变成艺术 [CN] London show turns network monitoring into art
The Courier, Oct., 2017: Disruptive tech store sells noting except reflection [EN]
Ctr Alt Delete, Oct. 2017: Let’s Talk About Privacy, Our Data and The Internet [EN]
The Culture Trip, Oct. 2017: Exploring the Erosion of Internet Privacy with Interactive Art [EN]
Data Privacy Philippines, Oct. 2017: London’s The Glass Room to Help Raise Consumer Privacy Awareness [EN]
Design Week, Oct. 2017: The Glass Room: the exhibition uncovering the hidden side of our online lives & 5 Important Things That Happened In Design This Week [EN]
Digitcult, Oct. 2017: The Glass Room [IT]
Digital Agency Network, Nov. 2017: Reclaim Your Digital Self – The Glass Room Experience [EN]
Digital Trends, Nov. 2017: As Chrome tarnishes, Mozilla is ready to reignite Firefox with Quantum [EN]
Eye Magazine, Oct. 2017: Events October - Don’t Miss The Glass Room [EN]
Fiona Cullinan, Nov. 2017: On becoming a Glass Room Ingenius [EN]
Forbes, Nov. 2017: This App Will Help You Regain Control Over Your Data (And Devices) [EN]
Huffington Post, Nov. 2017: From Menstruation Apps to Nude Selfies: Data Politics [EN]
Insider Pro, Nov. 2017: Тотальная слежка: Что о вас знает интернет (и что с этим делать) [RU] Total surveillance: What does the Internet know about you (and what to do about it)
The List, Oct. 2017: The Glass Room [EN]
Londonist, Oct. 2017: Things To Do Today In London [EN]
Le Macchine Volanti, Dec. 2017: I nostri dati personali finiscono in vetrina [IT] Our personal data end up in the window
Marketing Data, Oct. 2017: Glass Room by Mozilla & TTC in London [EN]
Marketing Week, Nov. 2017: How Firefox owner Mozilla is helping consumers take control of their digital lives [EN]
Mashable, Oct. 2017: This store with nothing for sale wants to help you take control of your online privacy [EN]
Monocle - The Urbanist, Nov. 2017: Technology and utopias - The Glass Room [EN] Episode 318 (from 08:39)
The Mozilla Blog, Oct. 2017: Mozilla and Tactical Technology Collective bring The Glass Room to London [EN]
New Scientist, Nov. 2017: I went on a data diet and all I got was ads and paranoia [EN] & Ik ging op datadieet en ontdekte hoe gemakkelijk ik mijzelf te grabbel gooide [NL] I went on a data diet and discovered how easily I threw myself away
Neowin, Oct. 2017: The Glass Room will teach Londoners scary things about data [EN]
Nesta, Nov. 2017: Bringing the data privacy debate to the high street [EN]
NYU News, Nov. 2017: “Eccentric Engineering” on Display at The Glass Room, London [EN]
PSFK, Nov. 2017: This Store Helps You Dig Deep Into Your Private Data [EN]
Red Shark, Nov. 2017: Who’s got your information? Here’s how to protect yourself [EN]
Secret London, Oct. 2017: This Interactive Art Gallery Is Helping You Detox Your Data [EN]
The Social Change Agency, Nov. 2017: The Glass Room: Technology is inherently political [EN]
State Library of Queensland Blogs, Nov. 2017: Fancy a Data Detox? [EN]
The Sydney Morning Herald, Oct. 2017: A disruptive tech store with nothing for sale but reflection [EN]
TechRepublic, Nov. 2017: Video: The Glass Room will force you to reconsider digital privacy [EN]
Tech Trends, Nov. 2017: Big Mother is Watching You [EN]
Urban 75, Nov. 2017: In photos: The Glass Room, a disruptive tech store with nothing for sale in London [EN]
The Verge, Nov. 2017: Turning the specter of internet surveillance into art [EN]
Vice - Motherboard, Nov. 2017: Ho lavorato per Facebook ma Mark Zuckerberg non mi pagherà [IT] I worked for Facebook but Mark Zuckerberg will not pay me
Voice, Oct. 2017: The Glass Room: Looking into your online life [EN]
Voice of America News, Nov. 2017: New Exhibit Shows How Tech Intrudes on Our Lives [EN]
Wired, Nov. 2017: Firefox thinks Quantum can beat Chrome with ethics… and speed [EN]
Wirtschafts Woche, Oct. 2017: Im digitalen Glaskasten [DE] In the digital glass case
Yahoo News, Oct. 2017: This store with nothing for sale wants to help you take control of your online privacy [EN] & Dystopian pop-up in London looks at future of data tracking [EN]
ZDNet, Nov. 2017: Can you have secrets online? This unusual pop-up shop will make you think again & Inside the pop-up store that reveals the truth about web privacy [EN]

The Glass Room, New York City (2016)

Vogue (US), January 2017: Forget About That Cleanse - Do a Data Detox Instead [EN]
Voice of America: January 2017: ‘Glass Room’ Exhibit Asks, What Is Privacy in a Digital Age? [EN]
CBS New York, January 2017: Think Your Mobile Devices Aren’t Hackable? Think Again [EN]
Financial Times, January 2017: Give your online personal data a detox [EN]
The Verge, December 2016: The Glass Room turns internet surveillance into art [EN]
Motherboard, December 2016: Enter the Glass Room where Privacy goes to die [EN]
New York Times Magazine, December 2016: Finding Inspiration for Art in the Betrayal of Privacy [EN]
The New Yorker, December 2016: Above and Beyond [EN]
WNYC, December 2016: There’s No Escaping Big Data in ‘The Glass Room’ [EN]
artnet news, December 2016: Neo-Shamanism and Other Trends in the Art World This Year [EN]
Forbes, December 2016: The Glass Room: A Real-World ‘Black Mirror’ Episode [EN]
Yahoo Tech, December 2016: The Glass Room shows how little privacy we really have [EN]
CNBC, December 2016: Mozilla’s art installation warns about how companies are using your data [EN]
Business Insider, December 2016: I took a tour of the popup store that shows how little privacy you actually have [EN]
Bloomberg, December 2016: Inside Mozilla’s “The Glass Room” [EN]
Gothamist, December 2016: ‘The Glass Room’ In SoHo Will Make You Want To Burn Your iPhone [EN]
Engadget, December 2016: Mozilla helped build a gallery-style exhibit on data security [EN]
Fast Codesign, December 2016: Visit The Internet’s Dark Side At This Demented Apple Store It’s like Black Mirror … but it’s real life [EN]
Fast Company, December 2016: This Mozilla-sponsored art exhibit highlights the real dangers of mass data collection [EN]
Hyperallergic, December 2016: A Tech Collective Sets Up a Sleek Boutique - to Help Visitors Elude Big Data [EN]
Digital Trends, December 2016: You have zero privacy thanks to tech, and these artists can prove it [EN]
PCMag, December 2016: Living in Glass Houses [EN] & Fast Forward: Art, Online Privacy, and Mark Zuckerberg’s House [EN]
Habertürk, December 2016: 8 günde data detoksu (Data Detox in 8 Days) (TR)
Data & Society - Points, December 2016: Go to The Glass Room. If Black Mirror Had a Showroom, This Would Be It [EN]
Fuze, December 2016: 「The Glass Room」私たちは皆、ガラスの部屋の中で生きている (“The Glass Room” We are all living in a glass room) [JP]
Fusfoo, December 2016: Don’t Let Your Data Define You! [EN]
Bobsullivan.net, December 2016: Here’s what millions of leaked passwords look like, and other scenes from inside The Glass Room [EN]
GeekWire, December 2016: Here’s what millions of leaked passwords look like — possibly including your own [EN]
PR Week, December 2016: A Trendy New York Pop Up by Mozilla will teach you about Online Security [EN]
Naked Security, December 2016: New York exhibition puts us – and our data – on display [EN]
Science Info, December 2016: The Glass Room shows how little privacy we really have [EN]
Tom’s Guide, December 2016: The Glass Room Will Change the Way You Think About Privacy [EN]
Spectrum News, December 2016: Glass Room Exhibit Explores How Your Online Data is Collected and Used [EN]
Pix11, December 2016: SoHo art exhibit draws attention to lack of privacy in world of technology [EN]
Metro NY, December 2016: Our tech reality doesn’t have to be like ‘Black Mirror [EN]
Technical.ly, December 2016: These Brooklyn artists are exploring the dark side of Big Data [EN]
MasTicable, January 2016: 8 días para desintoxicar nuestro “Yo digital” (8 days to detoxify our “Digital Self”) [ES]
SC Media, December 2016: Time for a Data Detox [EN]
Adweek, December 2016: After Trump’s Win, Security Groups and Marketers Are Anxious About Digital Privacy [EN]
Yahoo Tech, December 2016: The Glass Room: An Investigation And Intervention Into Our Online Lives Pops-Up In New York On CyberMonday [EN]
Security.nl, December 2016: Mozilla lanceert interactieve tentoonstelling over privacy (Mozilla launches an interactive exhibit about privacy) [NL]
Businesswire, December 2016: The Glass Room: An Investigation and Intervention into Our Online Lives Pops-up in New York [EN]
Mozilla Interview with Henrik (Video), December 2016: [EN]
Stylus Curve, December 2016: This NY pop-up makes you question your relationship to technology [EN]
CNET, December 2016: You won’t feel secure about digital privacy after visiting New York’s Glass Room [EN]
Moment - New York, December 2016: Glass Room NYC: Datenschutz Aus Deutschland (Glass Room NYC: Data Protection from Germany) [DE]
Vocativ, December 2016: How To Keep Your Online Privacy In The Age Of Trump [EN]
Trendhunter, December 2016: ‘The Glass Room’ Comments on Privacy in the Digital World [EN]
Theory of Everything (podcast), December 2016: The fairest of them all? [EN]
Spectrum (video): Glass Room Exhibit Explores how Your Online Data is Collected and Used [EN]

Nervous Systems Exhibition, The White Room, Berlin (2016)

Neural IT/EN, March 2017, ‘Nervous Systems’ catalogue review, [EN]
FRIEZE DE/EN, issue 24, July 2016: Home Alone: On art, architecture, and domestic effects of digitalization  [EN]
WDW Review, July 2016: Can the Cultural Logic of the Digital Era be Exhibited? A tale of two shows [EN]
Metropolism, May 2016:  How to live in a society where every aspect of life is quantified [EN]
Kunstkritikk,May 2016: Livit som data (Life as Data) [NO]
Art Monthly, issue 396: May 2016 [currently in print]
Betterplace Lab, April 2016: Sind wir Teil eines nervösen Systems? (Are we Part of a Nervous System?) [DE]
We Make Money not Art, April 2016: Confessions of a Data Broker and Other Tales of a Quantified Society [EN]
Furtherfield, April 2016: Nervous Systems – Algorithms and our everyday life [EN]
Zeitgeschichte, April 2016: Identität im Digitalen Zeitalter (Identity in the Digital Age) [DE]
Art Berlin, April 2016, Top Exhibitions April 2016: Nervous Systems - Quantified Life and the Social Question
  Art Berlin, April 2016,  Gallery Weekend Guide: Kunst-Tipps von Dr. Nina Koidl (Gallery Weekend Guide: Art Tips from Dr Nina Koidl) [DE]
Neues Deutschland, April 2016, Im technischen Nervenzentrum (In the technical nerve centre) [DE]
aqnb, April 2016, No Human is a Data Island [EN]
Dwutygodnik, April 2016, Niewidzialne fronty (Invisible Frontlines) [PL]
Taz, April 2016,  Digitaler Bärendienst: Leben unter den Bedingungen der digitalen Ausforschung: die „Nervöse Systeme“-Schau im HKW (Digital disservice: Life under the condition of digital scrutiny) [DE]
NZZ, April 2016, Sind wir Herr der Maschinen, oder ist es umgekehrt? (Are we Masters of the machines, or is it the other way around?) [DE]
Tagesspiegel, March 2016, Data Detox [DE]
exBerliner, March 2016: Nervous Systems: Big issues with big data [EN]
Deutsche Welle, March 2016: „Nerwowe systemy”. Życie pod nadzorem (“Nervous systems”. Life under surveillance) [PL]
iRights, March 2016: Nervöse Systeme – Was Algorithmen für unseren Alltag bedeuten (Nervous Systems - what algorithms mean for our everyday lives) [DE]
Donau Kurier Berlin, March 2016: Verstecken hilft nicht (hiding doesn’t help) [DE]
Wired Germany, March 2016: Peeple und die Angst um unsere digitale Identität (Peeple and the anxiety around our digital identity) [DE]
Der Tagesspiegel, March 2016: Traume sind nicht dechiffrierbar (Dreams are not decryptable) [DE]
Süddeutsche Zeitung, March 2016: Verhalten Sie sich ganz normal!  (Just behave normally!) [DE]
SWR2 - Kulturthema, March 2016: Nervöse Systeme - Quantifiziertes Leben und die soziale Frage [radio + article]
Deutschlandfunk - Corso, March 2016:  Der Mensch verfängt sich im Datennetzwerk (Human beings caught in the data network) [DE]
Deutschlandradio Kultur - Kompressor, March 2016: Warum Big Mama zum Fürchten ist (Why we should fear “Big Mama”) [DE]
Dars Magazine, March 2016: Nervous Systems - Vita quantificata e questione sociale (Nervous Systems - Quantified Life and the Social Question) [IT]
Zitty Berlin, March 2016: Nervöse Systeme - Das Haus der Kulturen der Welt stellt Projekte zu Datenströmen und Kontrollverlust aus  [DE];  “Empfehlung fürs Wochenende” (Recommendation for the weekend)
Tip Berlin, March 2016 Technologie ist nie neutral (Technology is never neutral) [DE]

Politics of Data Programme

Femmetech, Dec 2016: Digital Information Security: Explaining the Two Main Issues & How To Deal With Them
The Guardian, Oct 2016: Machine Logic: our lives are ruled by big tech’s ‘decisions by data’
Contraste, Feb 2015: Leben in einer quantifizierten gesellschaft (Life in a quantified society)
La Stampa, Dec 2015: Così il tuo smartphone sa tutto di te, e del tuo futuro (Your Smartphone knows everything about you, including your future)
BBC Radio 4, Nov 2015: Dictatorship of Data (from 26:30) [audio]
The Guardian, Oct 2015: The Power of Privacy, episode 3: What can you do if your private data goes public? [video]
Elevate Festival, Oct 2015 : The Politics of Data in a Quantified Society
ZDF Heute, June 2015: Im Kampf gegen die Datenkraken (in battle against the data octopus)
ZDF Elektrische Reporter, May 2015: 123:  Reputation, Polizei und Nutzerverfolgung [video]
Wired Italy, Feb 2015: Ecco dove finiscono i tuoi dati (This is where your data ends up)
Politik-digital, Feb 2015: Trackography bringt Licht ins Dickicht der stillen Datenlauscher (Trackography brings light to the silent data eavesdroppers)
Fast Company, Feb 2015: This interactive tool shows you what media outlets are tracking you
Tegenlicht, Oct 2013: Waar vind je jouw data? (Where can you find your data?)
The Daily Beast, June 2013: How to Keep the NSA at Bay: The Tricks from Privacy Experts
Netzpolitik, May 2012: Me & My Shadow: Neues Tool zeigt “Datenschatten” im Internet  (New tool shows data shadows on the internet)
The Guardian – Tech Weekly podcast, May 2012: Google’s master of search  [audio]

Additional mentions:

Time Magazine: Five anti-spying hacks
The Guardian: NSA surveillance: is it possible to exist online without casting a digital shadow?
Do Not Track: Can You Avoid Being Tracked?
Deutsche Welle: “Me and My Shadow” - Spuren im Netz (Me and My Shadow - traces on the internet)
The Guardian: NSA surveillance: is it possible to exist online without casting a digital shadow?
Krytykapolityczna: Bogusz: Sila sieci (The Strength of the network)
Manila Standard: Your digital shadow 
Netzpolitik: 31C3: Trackography – You never read alone
FrankWatching: Technologie lost problemen niet op (Technology Does not solve our problems)
Time magazine: The anonymous internet: privacy tools grow in popularity following NSA revelations ****

Digital Security Programme

Le Monde Diplomatique, Feb 2016: Unterwegs im Darknet  (Journey through the Darknet)
Vice Motherboard, Sept 2015: Why Security Experts are using an ancient email format in 2015
Columbia Journalism Review, April  2015: Beware of keylogging
Ushahidi, Nov 2014: New Digital Security Guide for Environmental Rights Defenders
Global Voices Advocacy, Nov 2014: Digital Security Guide for Africa Environmental Rights Campaigners
The Irish Times, Nov 2014: Speaking out about democracy in ‘the golden age of surveillance’
Pen America, May 2013: Four Digital Security Lessons for Writers
Global Voices, April 2012: Robot shows us how to stay safe online
Deutsche Welle TV,  Jun 2011: Cyber Attacks – Human Right Organizations in Danger, Global 3000  [video]
BBC radio, May 2011: Survival in the digital age: Stephanie Hankey offers a guide to safe online activism [audio]

Additional mentions:

Deutsche Welle: Journalists should make digital hygiene a habit
  Amnesty International: 6 simple tools to protect your online privacy and help you fight back against mass surveillance
Global Journalist: In surveillance age, online safety key for journalists
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)LGBTQ Communities in the Arab World Face Unique Digital Threats
Deutsche WelleEncryption: the key to online privacy
  Cursus: [Securiser sa vie Numerique (Secure your digital life]](http://cursus.edu/article/21554/securiser-vie-numerique/#.VY1iiby1mk0)
Grist.org: “Our Most Paranoid Friends were completely right”

Digital security materials included in the following guides:

Internews, March 2014: Safer Journo toolkit,
Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ): Journalist Security Guide  (April 2012)
FLOSS manuals: Basic Internet Security
Internews: Safetag -  a security auditing framework and evaluation template for advocacy groups
Freedom House, What Next? The Quest to Protect Journalists and Human Rights Defenders in a Digital World [Conference report]

Visualising Information for Advocacy

European Digital Rights, Jun 2017: Running an algorithmic empire: The human fabric of Facebook
Art Review: Beautiful evidence, Pretty Lies
Accountability Tech: Visualising Information for Advocacy
International Journalists Network: Learn how to turn information into visual material to garner support. (arabic)
Greenpeace: How good design can change the world
Centre for internet and Society (CIS) India: Information Design - Visualizing Action
MIT Centre for Civic Media: Social Justice Through Data
The Sunday Guardian: Web sketchbook shows what e-Delhi does to its waste

Exposing the Invisible Films

Open Democracy, May 2017: This is how you can leverage social media to uncover wrongdoing
The Express Tribune with the New York Times: Cyber security conference: Film challenges ‘official’ narrative on drones
International Center for Journalists: Online Documentary Series Spotlights Muckraking Methods of ICFJ Reporting Network
Cafe Pacific:Exposing the Invisible - digital technology for social justice
Global Voices: Film Documents America’s “Invisible” Drone War in Pakistan  (translated into Malagasy, German, Russian, Urdu, Spanish)
Zeit Online Netzfilmblog: Information = Währung: “Exposing the Invisible”
Universidad del Norte: Exponiendo lo invisible: Una forma de hacer periodismo investigativo (Exposing the Invisible: one way to do investigative journalism)
Knowledge Bridge: Investigative reporting on the rise
Mondiaal Nieuws: Unseen War: de onzichtbare drone-oorlog in Pakistan _(Unseen War: the invisible drone war in Pakistan)
  The Daily Blog: Exposing the Invisible – digital technology for social justice
  Atlatszo: A hét videója: Az én nézőpontomból  (Video of the Week: From My Point of View)
Global Voices: Exposing the Invisible: Video Profiles of Info-Activists
Netzpolitik: Exposing the Invisible: Investigativer Journalismus im Digitalen Zeitalter (Investigaive Journalism in the digital age)
Geographical Imaginations: Unseen  War No Average Robot: Exposing the Invisible: über die arbeit investigativer journalisten, aktivisten und hacker weltweit (..about the work of investigative journalists, activists and hackers worldwide)
Anonymiss Legion: Exposing The Invisible: Our currency is Information
  Zoon Politicon: Datengetriebene Recherche und Umsetzung zwischen Journalismus und Aktivismus
MartinGrandJean: Montrer l’invisible : analyse de réseau et journalisme d’investigation face au crime organisé
Journalism Fund: Video - Our Currency Is Information
FCPA Blog: Our currency is information Atlatszo: A hét videója: A pénznemünk az információ (Video of the Week: our Currency is Information)

Women’s Rights Campaigning: Info-activism Toolkit

Global Voices: Introducing the Women’s Rights Campaigning: info-activism toolkit
Global Voices: An info-activism toolkit on women’s rights campaigning

Info-Activism Camp 2013: Articles by Participants

Citizen Lab: Citizen Lab Doctoral Fellow at Information Activism Camp
DataKind: Data Summer Camp with Global Activists, Designers, and Technologists.
School of Data: Data Expedition: Quest for South Africa’s secret national security sites
Data Therapy blog: Going to Data Camp!
No Peace Without Justice: NPWJ contributes to the “Info Activism Camp 2013: Evidence & Influence” held in Italy

Articles by Members of Tactical Tech

Euronews, Mar. 2018: Cambridge Analytica Users Shouldn’t Have to Quit Social Network to Protect Themselves, by Varoon Bashyakarla and Stephanie Hankey
El Topo, June 2017: LGTB en África y sus aliadas, atrapadas en  la red (In Africa, LGBT and their defenders caught in the net), by Alexandra  Hache  and Spyros Monastiriotis, with Leil-Zahra
Open Democracy, June 2015: Exposing the Invisible, by Gabi Sobliye
Open Society Foundations, May 2015: This Tool Lets you see exactly who’s tracking what you’re reading online by Fieke Jansen
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