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We regularly speak to the media about topics related to technology, human rights and digital literacy.

If you’d like to speak to one of our experts then please write to press@tacticaltech.org or call the office on +49 (30) 417 153 33. It helps if you provide details of the topic or questions you’ll ask, the format of the interview (email, phone, video call, in person), and your timeline.

Recent Highlights

Euronews, Apr. 2019: A year on, Cambridge Analytica still remains topical – even from beyond the grave
NPR, On Point, Feb. 2019: The World Of Campaign Tech: Cellphone And TV Tracking In Politics
Now This, Jan. 2019: How Laptop Stickers Can Get You In Trouble
BBC Click, Radio 4, Jan. 2019: Data Detox for the New Year
Motherboard, Vice, Nov. 2018: Shady Data Brokers Are Selling Online Dating Profiles by the Millions
Teen Vogue, Mar. 2018: What Congress Should Ask Mark Zuckerberg
Atlantic, Mar. 2018: How to Delete Facebook Accounts: it’s not as easy as it sounds
ARD Mittagsmagazin, Mar. 2018: Video: Selbstversuch: Bei Facbook abmelden
London Evening Standard, Mar. 2018: I Hacked My Apps to Find Where my Data was Going and You Should Too
KCRW Radio Berlin, Mar. 2018: Tactical Tech advises keeping a lightweight digital footprint in post-Cambridge Analytica world

Featuring Tactical Tech

Deutsche Welle, Mar. 2018: Privacy is not dead, but it’s going to cost you
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Jan. 2018: Five Digital Security Tools to Protect Your Work and Your Sources
Trip Wire, May 2017: Women in Information Security: Sarah Aoun
Al Jazeera, Mar. 2017: Can anyone control what’s published online?
Deutsche Welle, Jan. 2017: Digital Security Resources
Al Jazeera, Nov. 2016: Will China lift its ban on Facebook?
Factory, Nov. 2016: Tactical Tech wants to Help You Track Your Digital Footprint
Plurrify, May 2016: #22: Tactical Tech, Marek Tuszynski [podcast]
SourceCode Berlin / Wikimedia Deutschland, Jan. 2016: Tactical Tech: info-activism, from Berlin to the World [podcast]
Taz, Dec. 2015: Überwachung merkst du nicht (Surveillance is something you don’t notice)
Al Jazeera, Nov. 2015: Rebel Geeks episode 03: The Critical Engineers [video]
The Telegraph, Oct. 2015: How to avoid cyber-attacks
Motherboard Vice, Sept. 2015: Why Security Experts Are Using an Ancient Email Format in 2015
Brigitte, May 2015: Stephanie Hankey helps people to cover their tracks online
La Repubblica, Jan. 2015: Hacker Ribello a Berlino (Hacker Rebellion in Berlin)
Open Democracy, Jun. 2015: Who is the subject of digital rights?
Le Nouvel Observateur, May 2015: Comment Berlin est devenue la capitale des hackers (How Berlin has become the hacker capital)
The Guardian, Nov. 2014: Berlin’s digital exiles: where tech activists go to escape the NSA
Handelsblatt Global, Sept. 2014, Berlin, European Capital of Digital Dissent [pdf]
exBerliner, Sept. 2014, Berlin’s digital rebellion
Radio Web Macba, Sept. 2014, Interview with Marek Tuszynski
Neues Deutchland, Apr. 2014: Technik und Taktik (Technology and tactics)
Cicero Magazin für Politische Kultur, Mar. 2014: Warum Proteste weltweit gären (Why protests are brewing globally)
Huffington Post Germany, Mar. 2014: Die besten Social Entrepreneurs Deutschlands (The best social entrepreneurs in Germany)
Wired UK, Feb. 2014: Berlin Duo Can Help You Cover Your Tracks
Financial Times, Mar. 2012: Arabellion, made in Germany (print only)
Hive, Mar. 2012: Wie Deutsche Netzaktivisten die Arabellion unterstützen (How German online activists suport the Arabellion)
Guardian Tech Podcast, May 2012: The Future of Data Activism