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Teen Vogue, Mar. 2018: How to Delete Facebook Accounts: it’s not as easy as it sounds [EN]
Atlantic, Mar. 2018: What Congress Should Ask Mark Zuckerberg [EN]
ARD Mittagsmagazin, Mar. 2018 Video: Selbstversuch: Bei Facbook abmelden (DIY: Ditching Facebook) [DE]
London Evening Standard, Mar. 2018 I Hacked My Apps to Find Where my Data was Going and You Should Too [EN]
KCRW Radio Berlin, Mar. 2018 Tactical Tech advises keeping a lightweight digital footprint in post-Cambridge Analytica world [EN]
Euronews, Mar. 2018: Cambridge Analytica Users Shouldn’t Have to Quit Social Network to Protect Themselves [EN]
El Pais, Feb. 2018: El Plan de Ocho Días Que Siguen Los Expertos Para Que No Les Vigilen Más en Internet (The Eight-Day Plan the Experts Follow So They’re Not Watched Over on the Internet) [ES]
Forbes, Nov. 2017: This App Will Help You Regain Control Over Your Data (and Devices) [EN]
New Scientist, Nov. 2017: I went on a data diet and all I got was ads and paranoia
Design Week, Oct. 2017: The Glass Room: the exhibition uncovering the hidden side of our online lives
Channel 4 News, Oct. 2017: The darker side of data privacy video [EN]
El País, May 2017: Todas las mujeres deberían leer esta guía de seguridad digital feminista (All women should read this guide to feminist digital security)
Vogue (US), Mar. 2017: Your Internet Search History Will Soon Be Up For Sale - Here’s How You Can Protect Yourself
Al Jazeera, Mar. 2017: Can anyone control what’s published online? [video]
Slate, Feb. 2017: Cybersecurity Self-Defence: How To Make Your Smartphone More Secure
Al Jazeera, Nov. 2016: Will China lift its ban on Facebook? [video]
BB News, Nov. 2015: Will Big Data lead to Big Brother?
BBC Radio 4, Nov. 2015: Dictatorship of Data (from 26:30) [audio]
Al Jazeera, Nov. 2015: Rebel Geeks episode 03: The Critical Engineers [video]
The Guardian, Oct. 2015: The Power of Privacy: What can you do if your private data goes public? [video]
Elevate Festival, Oct. 2015 : The Politics of Data in a Quantified Society
Brigitte, May 2015:  Stephanie Hankey helps people to cover their tracks online
Wired UK, Feb. 2014: Berlin Duo Can Help You Cover Your Tracks
The Economist, Jun. 2013: Online Privacy: How to disappear