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Tactical Tech @ RightsCon 2019

From 11-14 June, Tactical Tech will be joining fellow technologists, human rights defenders, government representatives, policy makers and business leaders at RightsCon 2019 in Tunis to examine some of the most pressing issues facing society in our digital age.

Come and say hi!

During the course of the conference, members of Tactical Tech will be participating in a few different panel discussions (Political Ads on Social Networks, Microtargeting in Political Elections and Campaigns, Tiplines Today). Please come find one of during the conference if you want to talk about our projects or simply catch up.

We’re also hosting a satellite event on 11th June, before RightsCon 2019 kicks-off that evening.

If you or your organisation are researching or working on the uses of personal data and elections in the context of the Global South, come join us for our satellite event half-day workshop. Space is limited to 10 participants and going quickly, so email us before the end of Thursday, June 6th, if you’d like to take part. Please include some information about what you are working on, whether you are part of an organisation or an independent researcher or activist, and we will get back to you about availability. Check out the description below for more information. Wishing you all a great and productive RightsCon 2019!

The Tactical Tech team

RightsCon 2019 Satellite Event

INSIDE THE INFLUENCE INDUSTRY: Investigating the tools & techniques of data-driven political campaigns

Format: Workshop

When: 11 June 2019, 10:30 - 15:45

Where: Location will be shared with selected participants

Calling all data and politics researchers!

What techniques of the digital marketing ecosystem are employed by political election campaigns across the globe? What tools are out there to help civil society actors to monitor and investigate these practices? What are some of the best practices and tips-and-tricks for establishing a research project to assess and evaluate how personal voter data is being used by political actors during elections? How do all of these issues apply to the Global South, in particular?

Tactical Tech’s Data and Politics team has compiled a guidebook to some of the most frequently used microtargeting tools and techniques found in political election campaigns across the world. We looked at how and where campaigns obtain personal data to make these tools come to life. Now we want to engage with you on these topics!

In advance of RightsCon 2019, our team is looking to connect with civil society actors and engaged citizens who are critically examining the digitisation of elections in their home countries - from targeted digital ads, the collection of personal data on voters by parties, commercial data brokers and digital strategists.

Together, we’d like to investigate these topics more thoroughly through discussion and hands-on approaches.

Please email Tactical Tech’s Data and Politics team with a sentence or less each about: yourself, why you would like to participate in the workshop, why it would be relevant to your work, and what geographic and content area you are working in. Places are limited to 10 participants.

Contact emails: Please send emails to both varoon [at] tacticaltech.org and gary [at] tacticaltech.org with subject line “RightsCon 2019 Satellite Workshop”

Please note: We are prioritising participation by people working in the Global South and are looking to host a well-rounded and diverse group of participants in terms of perspectives and skills. This means that our selection process will be shaped by maintaining, as far as possible, a mixture of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, gender and non-gender experiences, and geographic contexts.