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The Glass Room Comes to San Francisco October 16 - November 3

The Glass Room San Francisco will be running from 16 October to 3 November daily, and will be situated at 838 Market Street, San Francisco.

The Glass Room is a pop-up store with a twist, displaying products and provocations where nothing is actually for sale. Instead, the objects in The Glass Room bring to life the hidden aspects of everyday technologies, giving visitors a deeper understanding of how they change the way we live and are reshaping our cities, our culture, and even our selves.

With three previous large scale interventions in Berlin, New York, and London, and over 130 Glass Room community events in 26 countries, this project has so far attracted 130,000 visitors and sparked a global conversation on the technology we use in our everyday lives.

Now coming to the heart of technology, the latest iteration of The Glass Room will hold a mirror up to Big Tech to explore how technology and data are shaping our perception, experiences, and understanding of the world. The consequences of a “move fast and break things” industry are catching up with us and now we must examine what has been lost and gained along the way.

“Go to The Glass Room. If Black Mirror Had a Showroom, This Would Be It.” - Baratunde Thurston

Inside a huge former store, The Glass Room is an immersive experience where you can see and touch objects that look deeper into the digital: Does your personal data say everything about you, or is it an imperfect portrait? Do more tools, apps, and information make us better and more efficient, or are we giving away more than we want in return? What goes on behind the screens and inside the black boxes of the devices we interact with everyday? If we knew, would we still sign-in or click ‘I agree’? How much trust do users invest in big tech companies, and what can be done if that trust is broken?

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