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Consultancy Call: Trainers

Tactical Tech is an international NGO, with an office in Berlin, working to investigate the impact of digital technologies on society.

We regularly does privacy and digital security trainings and workshops with human right defenders, and we are looking for trainers who would like to collaborate with us from time to time, depending on project demand. We work internationally and are inviting applications from experienced digital security or privacy trainers worldwide to join our consultancy roster of trainers.

Interested Candidates should have:

If you are interested in collaborating with us please email your expression of interest to be included on our consultancy roster to roster@tacticaltech.org (tag: Trainer) with your CV, references, letter of motivation (maximum one page) and approximate daily consultancy rate. Please submit these documents as a pdf. The PGP Key fingerprint for roster@tacticaltech.org is: B468 3189 57AF DB42 ACF2 DD8B 2F2E D124 AF9E C238.

Only successful candidates will be contacted, when project work becomes available. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to respond to individual phone and email inquiries.